Touch Notes

Touch Notes 1.0

Never has a note pad been so easy to use

Introducing Touch Notes - unique handy tool that makes creating and managing notes on your handheld fast and easy.

Now you can create and manage your quick notes within seconds. Just imagine: no pain with “open file” & “save as file”. When you are working or your life is fast and dynamic, time is essential and an extra action is a luxury you can not afford. Need to quickly write down meeting details, phone number, business contact or e-mail? It’s fast and easy; with Touch Notes you can do this instantly.

It does not take much time to learn and use Touch Notes. Touch Notes saves your most valuable asset – time.

Touch Notes


Touch Notes 1.0

User reviews about Touch Notes

  • MZA

    by MZA

    "Great piece of software"

    It is genius, because it is so simple. At last somebody spend time on simplicity and not loading it with extra functiona... More.

    reviewed on May 3, 2006